In this TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition review, Joel Tadman puts this ultra-premium GPS watch to the test out on the course

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Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition


  • Big improvement on the previous model. Extra buttons make it easier to navigate and the graphics are really good. The driving zone feature works well and it’s stylish for off-course wear.


  • Very expensive versus the competition.


TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition GPS Watch

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TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition GPS Watch Review

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition comes packed with features and excellent functionality making it one of the best GPS golf watches in terms of pure performance. You might even see it on the wrist of Tommy Fleetwood, who recently signed as an ambassador.

Admittedly, it is more of a niche option given its ultra-premium price point, but TAG Heuer has definitely made some significant upgrades to the previous model.


First up, thanks to the two extra buttons on either side of the main dial, navigating through the different features is far simpler, as is tagging shots, which is probably the most important aspect of a GPS watch. Additionally, the bluetooth synchronisation process with the app is a lot quicker.

To mark shots, you simply press the top right button, hit your shot, then press it again when you’ve reached your ball and input what club you hit. So, you really do get a true indication of how far you’re hitting each club.

Another thing worth mentioning is the graphics. The hole maps are really clear and, now that you can twist the main dial to scroll, it’s really straightforward to pick out certain points you want to hit to.


One of the big features of this product, which is quite unique to the market, is what TAG Heuer call the driving zone. Once you’ve connected the watch to the app, this feature will plot all your drives on a certain hole and colour code the positions based on your scores.

So, over time, golfers will be able to get a clear picture of what the ideal strategy is unique to them. Often we’re in a hurry to pull the driver out the bag and vice versa, but with this feature, the right decision will be there in front of you based on your own data.

tag heuer driving zone

It fits very well thanks to the easy-to-adjust strap and there are also a lot of off course features that work nicely. And if you’re into the style side of things, it’s a TAG Heuer so it comes with a raft of premium details, making it ideal for wear away from the course too.

Whether it’s worth the asking price is personal preference, but it’s definitely one of the most feature-packed options out there.


The graphics are brilliant and it’s easy to track shots and input data thanks to the extra buttons. When paired with the app, the driving zone feature is also really cool and it’s stylish. Undoubtedly the price tag will put many people off but it's undoubtedly one of the most feature-packed GPS watches out there..