Golf Monthly's Nikon Coolshot 80 VR laser rangefinder review, two new devices that boast a new Vibration Reduction feature for easier zapping

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Nikon Coolshot 80 VR laser rangefinder


  • Fun and innovative features that make the lasers significantly easier and quicker to use than previous Nikon lasers


  • The white cover does discolour quite easily. The premum price will be a deterrent to some


Nikon Coolshot 80 VR Laser Rangefinder Review


Price as reviewed:

£379.99 (slope Coolshot 80i VR £419.99)

Clubhouse Golf

Nikon Coolshot 80 VR laser rangefinder review

You may not think there are many more advances in laser rangefinder technology that can be achieved given the one simple job these devices are tasked with out on the course.

Bushnell’s JOLT technology proved there was room for innovation in this category and now, Nikon has shown its hand when it comes to producing ground-breaking technology that golfers will benefit from.

On the new Nikon Coolshot 80 and Coolshot 80i laser rangefinders, which replace the Coolshot 40 models, there is something called a Vibration Reduction system keeps your intended the target in the viewfinder.

Nikon say this makes it more stable for easier aiming and measuring and it’s hard to argue. It’s a strange sensation at first that plays with your head and while it takes a few goes to get used to, once you’ve got the hang of it there’s no doubt it genuinely helps speed up the process of locking on to a flag from the background.

Nikon coolshot 80 viewfinder-web

Rather than receiving a vibrating burst like on Bushnell devices, with the Nikon you see a ‘Locked On’ sign in the viewfinder for reassurance the flag has been found.

The first target priority mode speeds this process along even further, as does the shape of the unit fitting nicely in your hand. The tacky material also help you maintain a secure grip on the device but does seem to gather dirt on the standard white unit should you choose not to keep it stored in the accompanying carry case.

The display is simple, easy to see and ably assisted by the focus toggle underneath the eyepiece. The distances are displayed quickly, accurately and to the nearest half a yard, which has always seemed pointless to me (what difference does half a yard make to your club selection?) but if the technology is there, it may as well be utilized.


These are premium laser units, no question, but the Vibration Reduction technology is a genuine step forward in laser rangefinder innovation that golfers will enjoy, not only because it makes the process easier, but because it will reduce errors and speed up play for those using it.