The three new rangefinders feature technology aimed at offering a calm and steady view of the course using Nikon's high-end optics.

Nikon Launches Three New Rangefinders

Nikon has announced the launch of three new rangefinders that feature new, innovative technology that provides a calm and steady view of the course designed for golfers to take their game to the next level.

The three new laser rangefinders: the Coolshot Pro II Stabilized (RRP £499); the Coolshot Lite Stabalized (RRP £429) and the Coolshot 50i (RRP £359) use Nikon’s high-end optics to provide golfers with a steady and accurate view of the course in front of them.

The Coolshot Pro II Stabilized is Nikon’s most advanced rangefinder to date and can measure up to 500 yards while steadying your view and the laser, counteracting hand shake and environmental factors such as wind to ensure you get a clear and accurate view of the course.

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Its Dual Locked On Echo technology notifies you that the distance to the flagstick has been measured and helps you target the pin accurately, giving you a visual and audible cue when locked on.

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The Coolshot Pro II Stabilized is lightweight and waterproof and also employs four distance measurements which includes slope  – ideal for gaining accurate yardages for uphill and downhill shots – which can be easily turned on and off to comply with tournament regulations.

The Nikon Coolshot Lite Stabilized

The Coolshot Lite Stabilized, which can also measure up to 500 yards, is 10g lighter than the Pro II and feature two distance measurements – slope and actual distance – while also using stabilizing technology which reduces vibration caused by slight hand movements by 80% – ensuring a clear and accurate view of the terrain.

Finally, the Coolshot 50i, which can measure up to 400 yards, is Nikon’s first rangefinder with a built-in mounting magnet, allowing it to easily secure itself to a golf bag or golf cart.

The magnet on the side of the Coolshot 50i is ideal for attaching to a golf cart.

Its Dual Locked On Quake function informs you that the distance to the flagstick has been measured with a visual cue and a brief vibration.

Much like the Coolshot Lite, the 50i features two measurement modes – slope adjusted and actual distance – whilst also being rainproof.

All three new Nikon rangefinders will be available from retailers from August 17.