The Golf Monthly team reviews Titleist NXT Tour Balls

Product Overview

Overall rating:


  • For all-round performance, the NXT Tour sits just behind the Titleist Pro V1, but with the benefit of a cheaper price tag. Spin control on full shots into greens is impressive, offering plenty of stopping power, even on firm greens. Many will enjoy the ‘click’ off the
  • putter and wedge face that the cover design offers. The durability is also outstanding.


  • The Pro V1 offers noticeably more spin on chip and pitch shots from close range. Players with the budget to pay premium prices will still find the best performance from the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. Those looking for a soft feel from a ball at this price should try the NXT Tour S.


Titleist NXT Tour Balls


Price as reviewed:

£34.00 (per dozen)

Clubhouse Golf

Titleist NXT Tour Balls Key Technology: 

The NXT Tour is designed to deliver low driver and long-iron spin, impressive short-game spin and a soft feel. The multi-component design incorporates a large dual core with a soft centre, soft Fusablend cover and a spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design. It sits alongside the Titleist NXT Tour S, which offers a softer compression feel, and also comes in yellow.

Will suit… Players after control on approach shots, without a premium price tag.


When testing these with a set of Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 irons (featured on p142), the feel off the face was very impressive. There was good control on offer, but not quite as much spin as the Pro V1. The NXT Tour felt easy to launch high on lob shots, which really boosts your confidence around the greens. It was also easier than some to follow through the air.