In this TaylorMade Soft Response ball review, we analyse the feel and performance but also assess how it compares with its sister ball the Tour Response

Product Overview

Overall rating:

TaylorMade Soft Response Ball


  • Soft Response is a solid all rounder at a good price that offers a responsive feel on all shots and provides good distance on long-game shots.


  • Not as much control as we'd like around the greens.


TaylorMade Soft Response Ball


Price as reviewed:

£24.99 (per dozen)

Clubhouse Golf

TaylorMade Soft Response Ball Review

In the Soft Response, TaylorMade is aiming to offer a ball that provides excellent all round playability and consistency without the same level of feel and spin control of the more expensive models like the TP5 and TP5x balls.

The Soft Response has been launched alongside its sister ball, the Tour Response, which differs by having a urethane cover.

TaylorMade Tour Response and Soft Response Balls

TaylorMade Tour Response and Soft Response Balls

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In the long game, the Soft Response ball performed well. It offered plenty of distance off the tee and provided a strong flight that was consistently true, even in the windy conditions we tested them in.

The Soft Response has a unique dimple pattern for added distance, an ionomer cover and has a low compression to help those with slower swing speeds.

Around the greens, the Soft Response felt fantastic. While it may not spin as much as its urethane counterparts, the Soft Response felt lovely off the putter face in particular, it felt smooth and we had plenty of control.

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For many amateur golfers, who are just as likely to hit a drive straight down the middle of the fairway as they are to shell one into the unknown, the idea of a golf ball that offers good all round performance at an affordable price-tag sounds seriously alluring.

Indeed, this is what TaylorMade is offering in the Soft Response. It may not create as much spin around the greens, but its performance in the long game and soft feel off the face make it a great, and cut-price, golf ball.

If you can put up with your chips rolling out a little more, then the Soft Response still feels good whilst also performing impressively in the long game. It also comes in yellow and pink if you want to add some personality to your game.


An excellent addition to the TaylorMade golf ball family that offer amateurs the chance to balance the price they pay with a level of performance to suit them.