Bridgestone e12 Soft Ball

The Golf Monthly test team review this three-piece ball from Bridgestone

Golf Monthly Verdict

If you’re looking for a ball to enjoy with your friends on a Sunday morning that offers performance, a soft feel and is easy on the wallet, this is your ball. A player won’t get upset losing it and at the same time gives enough performance and reaction to enjoy the game, but don’t expect to break course records with it off the white tees.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    For player who favours a softer feeling ball feel, this is fantastic. Around and on the green, we had limited complaints at this price point. Comes in four colours too.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the longest and was hot and cold with iron control. Not as consistent as Bridgestone's premium models.

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In this Bridgestone e12 Soft ball review, we test this three-piece ball out on the golf course to assess the feel and performance on offer

Bridgestone e12 Soft Ball Review

The e12 Soft is a three-piece surlyn golf ball for slower swing speeds said to deliver sidespin-reducing performance, with added distance off the tee with a softer feel.

Unboxing this ball, you can immediately feel how soft it is. Juggling it with a wedge, it felt springy and looks very well made, and so we were excited to get it out on the course.


Around the greens, it has superb feel and feedback. When pitching and chipping, it gives the player great response, but you can tell it’s not on the same level as a premium golf ball.

That said, it still reacts on the second or third bounce before rolling out gently, but with crucial pitches where you need maximum check it didn't quite stand to attention like a urethane covered ball does.

On the course, off the face with a driver it feels especially soft. Fast swingers will feel like some energy is lost in the collision of impact and that the carry distance just isn't quite there versus premium, tour-inspired offerings.

But slower swingers will get much more out of the low compression design, with that aforementioned springiness contributing to competitive distance on a strong, stable flight.


On iron shots, as expected, some came in hot while others came in soft. Consistency and precision is important into greens and this ball doesn’t quite give it, which is not what you want when faced with a carry over water to a front pin.

In spite of this, there was much to admire about the long game performance - notably how stable it was through the air. Even when we mishit shots or when hitting into a crosswind, the ball held its line well.

The soft feel was obvious on all lengths of shot, and for some people that will translate into extra control and will certainly match up well with a firm-feeling putter with a solid, flat face.

Durability was impressive too - some minor scuffs accumulated during the course of 18 holes but less than we normally get with a urethane ball and it maintained its bright white colour well. We also like the green, red and yellow options if you want to add a splash of colour to your game.

Nico Bollini spent nearly a decade playing golf at the highest level in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the U.S. including some top-10 finishes on the Challenge Tour.  Since leaving the professional ranks, Nico has contributed articles to The Golfer’s Journal and GolfWRX, documenting stories unknown to golfers around the world while rediscovering what attracted him to the game. Based in Laguna Beach, California, Nico has a handicap index of +5, and is sure to bring some expert knowledge, experience and superior ball striking to the Golf Monthly testing panel.