2018 Titleist Velocity Ball Review - We test Titleist's latest distance ball and see if it delivers any extra yardage over other balls in the family

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2018 Titleist Velocity Ball


2018 Titleist Velocity Ball


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£26.00 (per dozen)

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2018 Titleist Velocity Ball Review

Aimed At
The Titleist Velocity is aimed at golfers who prioritise distance over short game control and a soft feel.

Key technology
The new Titleist Velocity for 2018 has been re-engineered with a softer, high-speed LSX core and Titleist’s fastest cover blend to deliver low spin and fast ball speed off the tee.

Its advanced aerodynamics stem from a spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design, which produces a high flight and long carry for shots that fly far and land more softly on the green. You can read more about the technology here.

Titleist Velocity-1

The new Velocity now comes in a visi-white with orange sidestamp and double play numbers 00, 22, 77 and 99 as well as pink and orange.

How we Tested
We hit the Velocity on our GC2 launch monitor and on the golf course to see how it compared with other balls in the Titleist family.

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GM Review

Long Game
Our data showed that the Velocity is the longest Titleist ball off the tee thanks to a high launch and lowest spin. Into greens with irons, it performs similar to Tour Soft and Pro V1.

Short Game
As expected, Velocity doesn’t quite offer the same control around the green as Tour Soft or Pro V1 but still flies high on full wedge shots to help stop the ball.

Titleist Velocity-2

The Velocity is for the golfer that brags about hitting the ball far and wants to be the longest in his or her fourball off the tee. Perhaps their distance is a key ingredient for their scores and so they want to accentuate that to improve even further and hit more wedges into greens.

The Velocity, unquestionably, is going to deliver the most distance off the tee and while it may limit control around the greens, adjustment in landing area and flight should cater for the majority of short game shots faced.

If you hit the ball high, or play a lot of chip and runs around the green, any limitations in performance the Velocity may have are negated to a degree. Hitting into greens, the Velocity spun enough and flew high enough to provide ample stopping power for the average player.


While Pro V1 and Tour Soft offer a little more feel and control, the Velocity is an excellent distance-focused offering and the new colours will help you add even more personality to your game.