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Galvin Green Millard


  • This shirt does a great job of keeping you comfortable in sunny conditions, but where it really excels is when it’s worn with other breathable garments on top or underneath it. One problem with wearing waterproof garments is overheating, making you feel uncomfortable on the course. When the Millard shirt is combined with a Gore-Tex jacket it helps to keep you at just the right temperature. The same applies when it’s worn with a base layer in cold conditions. You keep warm, but don’t overheat. This is a polo shirt that will keep you comfortable out on the course in all conditions.


  • The price tag will simply be too much for some to justify.


Galvin Green Millard polo shirt review


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The Ventil8 range features materials that are designed to have high levels of breathability. The Millard polo moves moisture away from the skin, with extra help in the areas that need it most, such as the armpits and between the shoulder blades. Anti-bacterial technology prevents bad odour, even on hot days or after the shirt has been used and washed many times.

Will suit… Players looking for a polo shirt designed specifically for golf.


The fit was comfortable and I felt no restriction when swinging. I wore this during a spell of good weather, and the vented panels worked brilliantly, especially towards the end of the round, as it helped to keep my body cool even after several hours in the sun. Its design is very stylish and will appeal to many, and the product will look new every time, even after frequent washing.