In this Galvin Green Apollo Jacket Review, Joel Tadman wears it out on the course to assess the fit and the performance of the new features

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Galvin Green Apollo Jacket


  • Front pockets are a welcome addition to the best-in-class lightweight waterproof protection and breathability along with great styling, fit and range of motion.


  • The premium price may still be difficult for some golfers to justify.


Galvin Green Apollo Jacket


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Galvin Green Apollo Jacket Review

A waterproof jacket has to tick an awful lot of boxes and while Galvin Green’s offerings are widely regarded as being the best in the business, they have always lacked one thing.

Pockets. Front pockets to be precise. Maybe it’s just me, but in my opinion front pockets are an essential feature when playing in cold or wet weather. I’ve been campaigning for them to be added and finally, Galvin Green has obliged with the launch of the Apollo (I highly doubt I had any influence into their addition!).


They are soft inside and manage to stay close to your torso when not in use, which is crucial in not getting in the way when making a swing. Plus, they have zips so you can store items without worrying about them falling out.


With this feature included, the Gore-Tex Paclite Apollo is as close to flawless as you’re going to find in a waterproof jacket. Lightweight, stretchy and soft, it allows you to swing unrestricted while keeping elements at bay. The thin material also allows it to be easily combined with warm layers underneath on particularly baltic outings.


You’ll notice from the images I’m wearing it in bright sunshine. No I’m not going mad, as the Apollo is just as effective at keeping wind out as it is rain, although there are more cost-effective options in Galvin Green’s range that can do this. The Interface-1 Lincoln, for example.


The fit is excellent, with an elasticated drawstring at the waist and Velcro cuffs creating a snug, tailored fit.

The other thing to note is the styling. I think Galvin Green has nailed it on the Apollo. It will be recognizable as a Galvin Green product from the adjacent fairway and should appeal to a wide range of tastes. Modern, smart and a little in your face without going over the top.


If you’re thinking of playing a little more all-year round and don’t want to be caught out by the weather, the Apollo has become the stand-out choice.