A report in the Daily Mail said that Wales' courses will be allowed to re-open on 7th May if the lockdown is relaxed

Wales Golf Denies Courses Are Re-Opening In Early May

Wales Golf has denied that its courses may soon re-open after a report in the Daily Mail suggested so.

The Daily Mail said that “Golf clubs in Wales will be allowed to reopen next month if there is a relaxation of the lockdown on May 7.

“It is expected that similar guidance will be given to clubs in other parts of the UK over the next few days.”

However, Wales Golf has come out to deny that report in a statement issued to its golf clubs, saying that a date for golf courses to re-open has not been agreed.

“Despite recent media speculation and related rumours nothing has either been agreed or announced regarding a date golf can re-start in Wales or the protocols which will need to be strictly adhered to once it does.

“Wales Golf’s position remains consistent with when the current restrictions were put in place in that it is fully supportive of the current government directives/advice and that it will continue to work closely with the R&A, other GB&I golf bodies and relevant government departments in developing and agreeing the necessary protocols to help ensure that golf is as ready as it can be re-start when it is deemed safe to do so by the appropriate authorities.”

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Whilst Wales Golf are claiming to have no information on its courses re-opening, the Daily Mail report does say that ‘if ‘ there is a relaxation of the lockdown.

Perhaps a relaxation of the lockdown may be on its way on 7th May like the report suggests, and  we will potentially know more once that is announced.

Meanwhile in England, England Golf’s CEO Jeremy Tomlinson has announced a new Play Safe Stay Safe campaign that will be provided to clubs, a positive sign that the organisation is already planning for golf to recommence in the near future.

When that near future is, nobody outside of the government quite knows.

“It is realistic for golf clubs to expect restrictions on opening of facilities, requirements for social distancing and adaptations to the usual playing etiquette even after any easing of lockdown,” he said in a letter.

“Restarting the game on this basis will be a challenge. There is a key responsibility to balance the issue of public health while at the same time ensuring the vitality of our sport.

“Golf will play a prominent role in the nation’s sporting recovery – when the time is right.

“By working together, we can make sure this happens with our affiliated clubs and counties at the heart of the matter.”

There have been reports of the current Covid-19 lockdown to be ever-so-slightly eased later this week and that could be a good thing for golf after the Culture Secretary revealed last week that he was “gathering evidence” on whether sports like golf, fishing and bowls could soon re-open.

Whilst “we cannot yet circle a date in the diary,” as England Golf’s CEO has said, there are certainly some rumblings that we may be able to get back out on the course in the next month or so.

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