WIN 100 Classic Golf Tips

We are giving away this unique golf instruction book containing classic drawings from the legendary Anthony Ravielli and instruction tips from the likes of Tiger Woods, Seve, John Jacobs and many, many more.

Jump Start Your Game With 100 Classic Golf Tips

Legendary illustrator Anthony Ravielli produced a remarkable collection of golf technique drawings during his four-decade career with American sport bibles Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated. Now Ravielli?s illustrations are paired with instruction from some of the biggest names in golf, from Tiger to Tom Watson, in the Christopher Obetz edited 100 Classic Golf Tips.

One of the most valuable instructional books to hit bookshops this year, 100 Classic Golf Tips has 222 pages of expert insight that you can?t get anywhere else. No need to roll your eyes at your local club pro anymore when he tells you to quit using your body so excessively during your swing. Now you can let Seve or the Golden Bear himself do the job at a fraction of the price of your next lesson!

We?re only giving away one copy of 100 Classic Golf Tips, so enter now for your chance to win a book that?s not only a terrific read, but has artwork more aesthetically pleasing than anything you?ll find on a weekend jaunt through the Tate Modern.

Win 100 Classic Golf Tips ? our Book of the Week

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