Will Sergio do it?

As redundant as it may seem, Luke set out this morning to collar the great and the good in the media centre, from Lewine Mair to the receptionist, to get their views on how the final day at Carnoustie will pan out

It?s got to be Sergio, surely? Please? Maybe. OK so he has a three-shot lead, is striking the ball better than anyone, has new-found confidence in his putter and the support of the galleries? oh and if that isn?t enough Tiger is eight shots back - but this is golf, that is Sergio and we are at Carnoustie. The media centre is awash with pics of Van de Velde and his inopportune paddle ? I just hope Sergio is tucked up in a duvet and nowhere near a TV.

As a natural sporting pessimist thoughts of Norman at Augusta in 1996, Bjorn at Sandwich in 2003 and poor old Monty are lurking like an unwelcome house guest on a Monday morning. In an attempt to purge my mind and find out what the more knowledgable and experienced men and women of the world think, I went on a hunt round the media centre to get their thoughts on who will be crowned Champion Golfer 2007.

Media Moguls

Andrew Cotter, BBC TV

?I think Sergio but if there is going to be a bolter from the pack I think it will be Chris Di Marco.?

Michael McEwan, Bunkered

?Sergio is playing too well not to do it? I hope.?

Lewine Mair, Daily Telegraph

?Sergio? (I caught her in the middle of posting her copy?whooops!)

Angus Murray, photographer

?If Els has a stormer I think he could come through.?

Philippa, on reception and no relation to Angus Murray

?Els is going to do it, c?mon on yeah!? (she is South African)

Phil Craighill, Carnoustie Press Officer

?Sorry not to be more exciting but I think Sergio will do it for sure and he will be a great champion.?

Darren Kirk, freelance photographer

?Sergio is going to do it.?

Richard Boxall, Sky Sports

?If it gets windy then I think it might change and Els or Harrington will come through.?

Bill Elliott, GM Editor at Large, Observer

Bill is not reticent about what he feels Sergio will do ? to get the full lowdown click here.

So surprise surprise Cilla, Sergio takes it but there are a few dissenting voices, not least South African nationals. Sergio has everyone by the heart-strings but as Tiger said in his press conference last night, ?Paul Lawrie came from 10 shots behind last time!? Lets hope Sergio gets on the 18th tee with a six-shot lead!

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