The GB&I Walker Cup squad to face America at Royal Aberdeen in
Scotland has a good mix of experienced amateurs and exciting young
talents. Here’s a look at the full team and reserves.

Steven Brown, 24, England

 Steven Brown

 James Bryne, 22, Scotland

 James Byrne

Paul Cutler, 22, Northern Ireland

 Paul Cutler

Alan Dunbar, 21, Ireland

 Alan Dunbar

Stiggy Hodgson, 22, England

Stiggy Hodgson

Tom Lewis, 20, England

Tom Lewis

Rhys Pugh, 17, Wales

Rhys Pugh

Jack Senior, 23, England

Jack Senior

Michael Stewart, 21, Scotland

Michael Stewart

Andrew Sullivan, 24, England

Andy Sullivan


David Law, 20, Scotland

David Law

Ross Kellett, 23, Scotland

Ross Kellett

Non-Playing Captain

Nigel Edwards, 41, Wales

Nigel Edwards