TaylorMade has unveiled its new Burner SuperLaunch irons specifically designed to be spectacularly forgiving and easy to get in the air.

Following the success of TaylorMade’s Burner irons, the SuperLaunch irons have been created to also help those golfers with slower swing speeds who produce a lower ball flight.

Burner SuperLaunch irons feature a generous offset which helps straighten a slice and promote a draw. They are also engineered to deliver tremendous forgiveness from heel to the toe and top to bottom.

Each iron features a wide, multifunctional sole, which is key to establishing the low and deep CG location that makes them easy to get high in the air.

A substantial topline contributes to exceptional stability and forgiveness. TaylorMade engineers cambered the topline’s rearward edge to give it a downward slant, resulting in a more dynamic appearance.

The Burner SuperLaunch irons have all been designed separately, which is evident when you see the long-irons, which boast a decidedly low-profile shape compared to the rest of the set. Combined with the wide sole and deep cavity, the long irons are easier to launch at lower swing speeds.

Burner SuperLaunch irons also incorporate a new groove design that conforms to the R&A’s new ruling on grooves. Burner SuperLaunch irons will become available starting on April 1, 2010.

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