Nicklaus Blackline AM-01 putter, £69

Key technology: The Nicklaus Blackline AM-01 putter has a precision-milled head with extended sightline improves alignment, while a urethane insert provides a soft feel.

The bullet shape and extended sightline inspires confidence for those who struggle with alignment, particularly on testing short putts. Bullet-shaped head is extremely useful with alignment on short putts. The lightweight head did not aid control, especially on long putts.

Nicklaus Blackline AM-01 putter

Forgan Series 2 putter, £34.99

Key technology: The Forgan Series 2 putter has a hollow head design and soft green anodized insert that helps the ball roll off the face. Precision weighted for a solid feel.

Considering the Forgan’s price tag, this is a decent mid-size mallet that sits nicely behind the ball. It felt a little light in the hands, which proved an issue on testing short putts. It fills the middle ground between high moment of inertia and modern mallet. The green and silver head produces a lot of glare on sunny days.

Forgan Series 2 putter