PING chairman John Solheim has announced that PING will waive its rights that prevent the PGA Tour from prohibiting the use of pre-April 1990 PING Eye2 irons and wedges that do not meet the 2010 Condition of Competition from being played at PGA Tour professional competitions.

The waiver goes into effect on March 29. The PGA Tour will then adopt a Condition of the Competition that does not provide an exception for the pre-April 1990 PING Eye2 irons.

Solheim said: 

”We all believe it is in the best interests of golf. It levels the playing field on the PGA Tour and resolves a very unfortunate situation that we predicted would happen when the USGA first proposed the new groove rule more than two years ago.”

PING and the PGA Tour stated the waiver does not take all Eye2 irons and wedges out of PGA Tour players’ hands. At the request of several players this year, PING has made Eye2 irons and wedges with grooves that conform to the 2010 New Groove rule. Those clubs remain eligible for use.

Solheim confirmed several solutions were considered but felt that the PGA Tour and US Open waivers were the most appropriate ways to keep intact the spirit of his company’s original USGA and PGA Tour agreements.

“We’ve heard from a lot of loyal PING Eye2 owners who were concerned that a resolution of the Tour’s issue might also keep them from playing their Eye2s that were grandfathered as a result of the 1990 USGA settlement,” added Solheim. 

“I want to reassure those golfers that their clubs remain conforming in all amateur events played under the USGA Rules of Golf. The problem is solved on the PGA Tour and the integrity of the original agreements is unaffected.”

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