I woke up early to a lot of twittering last week and it wasn’t only the local birds to blame.

No, apparently, Jay Townsend – former pro golfer, now a golf ‘analyst’ for the Golf Channel and occasionally Radio 5 – had a bit of a go at Rory McIroy’s caddie for failing to actually hit his employer’s shots at the 18th hole during the first round of the Irish Open.

Townsend called McIlroy’s course management “shocking” and then tore into JP Fitzgerald via Twitter for not sorting out McIlroy on the course. This, m’lord, is, I understand, called Tweeting. I have another name for it which begins with a ‘b’ and ends with an ‘s’.

I understand that a lot of modern media types are obliged – or feel obliged – to join in the Twitter nonsense to publicise either themselves or the organisation they work for. One senior BBC employee confided to me recently that he hates the site but is coerced into writing ever more vapid 142 characters or less epistles to please the people who pay his wages.

There are a couple of points here I feel…(a) Rory’s response to Townsend was a bit childish but at least he was backing up his loyal caddie and (b) Townsend must be delighted at the reaction of our national newspapers who sent grown men to Ireland to cover a golf tournament and who ended up quoting a bit of blogosphere nonsense that they could have done without moving from their armchairs at home.

It all adds to the gaiety of the nation of course but is it not possible to have a bit more of the golf coverage actually?

I have never Tweeted in my life and don’t intend to start now but, increasingly, I am being fed info disguised as news but that in reality comes off the Twitter site. Most of it is banal beyond belief but now it has moved into a new area where real news is cast aside and, in this case, a fairly interesting golf tournament is reduced to a silly spat between a couple of blokes – one of whom is old enough to be the father of the other – who should know better.

Is it, I wonder, me?

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