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As with the majority of modern putter collections there are a number of styles available in the Nike IC range ? three in this case ? offering players of all abilities the chance to improve their putting figures.

The larger 20-20 mallet’s head shape (pictured) and deep tungsten corner weights promise to minimise twist resistance via a very high moment of inertia (MOI). The mid-mallet 20-15 has a slightly lower (MOI), while the more blade-like 20-10 has more of a ?player?s? MOI thanks to a more classic head shape.

Further shared design features include a prominent white reverse triangle on top of the head that seeks to sharpen your focus on the back of the ball to aid with alignment, and a dark green colouring on head and shaft that promise to reduce the ?ambient noise? of other visual distractions thus boosting your focus on ball and hole.

GM initial verdict: Heads were perhaps a darker green than we?d expected, but this made the white markings really stand out. The largest mallet proved extremely stable, but the blade-like 20-10 wasn?t far behind. Very soft feel from the milled face and a good roll off the blade.

Nike IC putters: £120
True Temper green tinted steel shaft
20-20 (large mallet), 20-15 (mid-mallet) and 20-10 (blade) styles
Available November 2007

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