Weatherfor, a unique, ground-breaking service powered by the Met Office has launched its Weatherfor Sports Apps.

Available on iPhone, web and desktop download, the service provides sport-specific forecasts which provide users with detailed weather information in the UK and Ireland.


The free apps are powered by The Met Office, and are the first sport-specific forecasts encompassing venue-specific information for users, boasting 92% accuracy on any given location over the impending six-hour period

Users will also be able to experience the same functionality with a downloadable desktop app which can be set to their favourite course. The simple to use comparison view will offer the benefit of comparing two venues to see which will have the best weather during any period from the next six hours out to any point in the next six days.

A customisable web widget is available for free to all UK and Irish clubs or venues to display on their own website; this will allow members and guests to view the detailed weather for their chosen venue

The apps will allow commercial partners to target their specific audience following a particular sport. Partners in the Weather for Golf programme already include the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland who have provided specific club information in addition to the weather data stored within the app.

As well as the trademarked “Nearest Fair Weather Club” functionality which helps users locate their nearest club where no rain is forecast over the next six hours, the app will also provide useful key contact information from their chosen course.

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