New Titleist Scotty Cameron California putters unveiled

Titleist has unveiled its new look Scotty Cameron California putters. The Scotty Cameron California putters will be available from November

New look Scotty Cameron

Titleist has unveiled its new look Scotty Cameron California putters, which will become available from November.

The Scotty Cameron California putters came off the back of the successful line of Scotty Cameron Studio Select putters that allows for the precise balancing of putter head weight with shaft length.

Inspired by several of Cameron's favourite early classics and handmade models, the first incarnation of California putters appeal to players who prefer more fluid, less geometric lines and putting strokes that might best be characterised as less "mechanical".

The new 2011 California line includes five models - Del Mar, Fastback, Monterey, Monterey 1.5, and Sonoma, that are characterised by blade and mid-mallet style heads with five different neck styles.

Built on the form-meets-function achievements of the original California putters, the new line accentuates an important Scotty Cameron design principle - visual flow.

"My main objective for the new California designs was to take the visual flow to a new level," explained Scotty Cameron.

"When you look down at a great putter in the address position, it's easy to imagine the putter head flowing naturally right into the ground.

"The refinements we made to these five new models meet and exceed that ideal. It might be a bit esoteric, but you get the sense that water won't splash off these putters.

"It looks like water will just roll off the contours of the putters and shed gently off the edges."

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