Mizuno unveiled their latest European Tour Workshop at Wentworth for the 2010 BMW PGA Championship, which will allow club servicing to be carried out on-demand. 

The Mizuno workshop has serviced the clubs of top European golfers since 1986, and the 2010 model marked the firm’s third version. 

The new vehicle – which now measures at 16m in length, 2.5m in width and 4m in height – has been introduced to cope with the increase in client needs, allowing 2,500 shafts, 8,000 grips and 100 sets of iron heads to be accommodated.

Another benefit of the workshop is the swing DNA data, which allows Mizuno‘s contracted players to examine their game on 40″ and 32″ LCD screens. Live tournament action is provided by Mizuno to their players, who can also take advantage of a PlayStation 3 whilst they have their clubs tweaked.

Andy Kikidas, Tour Operations Manager for Mizuno, said: “There’s been an explosion in the number of new shafts and grips we need to stock to give our players an edge – the storage requirements on us are far greater than in the past. 

“As a minimum, our players work their way through two sets of iron heads a season – just through increased wear and tear.”

Kikidas added: “The old workshop was designed for an analogue age – this new model is all digital and ready to take us through till 2024.”

To view the new Mizuno workshop, please visit their gallery.

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