Golfers Ready For GPS Revolution

A new GPS based aid for golfers and caddies was tried and tested at this year's Open Championship, and the positive feedback gained may lead to something of a mini revolution for pros and amatuers alike.

GPS (Global Positioning System) software is already making inroads into everyday society, most notably in the use of the increasingly popular 'Sat-Nav' systems in cars. Now the same technology that enables drivers to plan and follow their routes is on the verge of making its presence felt in the sport of golf.

CaddyAid is a specialist golf software package that was tried and tested during the practice rounds at this year's Open Championship at Hoylake, and thus far the feedback from those caddies that used the new technology has been more than positive. The software offers golfers and their caddies a digital image of each hole, immediate and accurate readouts of their location on specific holes and also the distances to landing areas, hazards and the flag itself. The more traditional paper-based aids could soon become a thing of the past, making readings more accurate and increasing the speed of play.

"The Open was the ideal opportunity for the CaddyAid software to make its debut and we had many top professionals trialling the product," says David Morris, Managing Director of DMC and the inventor of CaddyAid.

"We have had some amazing feedback from caddies and players alike, who were enthused by the product's ability to analyse distances quickly and accurately. In their opinion it is the future - not only for accuracy but for speed of play too. It totally minimises mistakes and we are hopeful of seeing the product feature on the European Tour."

"We know from the R&A that speed of play is an important issue and using CaddyAid will undoubtedly speed play up, especially in the corporate market. While it is great to have the endorsement of professionals our main focus is selling CaddyAid to clubs so they can rent it out to their members and visitors."

DMC (The David Morris Corporation) has over 3,000 UK golf courses in its library, meaning virtually every golf course is available to those golfers that wish to incorporate it into their game. CaddyAid recently triumphed at the British Invention Show, winning first prize and defeating competition from all over the world.

"We believe that no other company in the world can offer this amount of information to golfers," says Morris.

"We are confident that, in time, CaddyAid will become the leading brand of GPS golf distance guides in the world. We fully intend to capitalise on the extremely positive feedback from the Open Championship when we launch just after the Ryder Cup next month."

More information on CaddyAid can be obtained by contacting DMC on 01745 334937 or by emailing

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