MD Golf Seve Icon driver, £149.99

The performance on offer was incredible considering the price tag. We were impressed by the distance created. The R-flex shaft we tested seemed to deliver excess spin meaning the flight was too high. Whilst this would work well for those with slow swing speeds, faster swingers will need to take care over shaft selection.

Key technology
The 460cc titanium head of the MD Golf Seve Icon driver is designed with forgiveness as the main priority. Weight has been added in the perimeter of the deep head to help improve stability at impact and produce straighter drives.


MD Golf Seve Icon driver


Callaway Diablo Edge driver, £249.99

As with the original Diablo, the head design of the Edge encourages an in-to-out swing path that will help to eliminate a bad slice. Callaway’s ‘Hyperbolic’ face design continues to offer impressive levels of forgiveness and shots from the middle sounded great.

Key technology
A four-piece titanium head allows the accurate positioning of weight to help improve forgiveness. The aerodynamic body reduces drag to help improve clubhead speed. The Callaway Diablo Edge driver should suit golfers who want an all-out forgiving driver, need to straighten out shots off the tee, and/or need a long-game confidence boost.

Callaway Diablo Edge driver