The US Open champion says he can drive the 555 yard par-5 6th at Bay Hill if it's not into wind...


DeChambeau Vows To Drive Par 5 At Bay Hill – “I Can Get There”

Golf fans may be set to witness something very, very rare this week if Bryson DeChambeau attempts to drive the 555 yard par-5 6th hole at Bay Hill.

The Golfing Scientist is one of the headline names at the Arnold Palmer Invitational where he thinks he can drive the par-5 if conditions are not against him.

Bryson had a go in his Wednesday practice round, coming up short…although the wind was heavily into his face.

However, the wind looks like it will be helping during the tournament rounds so there is every chance that he will attempt the 340-350 yard carry.

“I don’t know if it’s doable today unfortunately. It’s too into the wind,” he said in a PGA Tour video whilst trying to make the carry.

“Too much wind,” he said, coming up short with a ball speed of 194mph.

“I just think it’s too much wind. It’s 30mph into us.

“If it’s not into the wind I can get there.”

Watch: Bryson attempts to drive the 555 yard 6th hole into wind:

“Thought I would attempt to carry the 6th hole today (340 with the carry). Wind was brutal and I came up short (only gave it a few tries), but might be something I go for if the conditions are right. We’ll see,” DeChambeau tweeted.

The US Open champion will be looking to avoid racking up a big number on the 6th, which John Daly couldn’t avoid in 1998.

Daly famously, or infamously, made an 18 on the hole after hitting seven 3 woods into the lake.

He entered the hole at 2 under par and left it at 11 over. Ouch.

Watch: Skratch reminds us of Daly’s horror show in 1998 –