Callaway Golf have recently announced the introduction of FT-iQTM and FT-iQ Tour, with a striking design inspired by the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter and next generation supercars.

The FT-iQ’s smart technology not only generates longer distances via a new Hyperbolic FaceTM and faster aerodynamic shape, it is 35% straighter than the FT-i, as a result of its stretched, lightweight carbon composite body, stealth-like head and extreme external weighting.

“The FT-iQ is a smart driver because a ball struck from virtually anywhere on the face will behave even more as if it has been struck from the centre,” says Callaway Golf’s Vice President of Innovation and Advanced Design, Dr Alan Hocknell. “Our robot tests show that the FT-iQ is not only the longest driver we have ever made, it is the most accurate, generating ball flights that are 35% straighter than the original FT-i, on off-centre hits.”

The FT-iQ employs similar materials as next generation military aircraft and the latest, lightweight supercars. Carbon composite, titanium, aerospace grade aluminium, plus a dense metal alloy, are combined for their light weight, strength and durability, enabling Callaway Golf’s designers to precisely position beneficial weight in FT-iQ’s eye-catching external weight unit (accounting for 18% of the club’s total weight).

The futuristic, stealthy head shape, benefits from a stretched face, heel to toe, providing a larger effective hitting area, and a longer, tapered body, enabling extreme rear weighting, and also inspiring confidence at address.

“FT-iQ is a good looking product, and the best performing driver ever to come out of Callaway Golf’s Research and Development Department,” added Dr Hocknell. “The technologies and materials used are highly advanced and mirror those used at the highest levels of the aerospace and automotive industries. Power is useless without precision – and that’s what makes the FT-iQ special.

NEW Design Feature: Hyperbolic Face TechnologyTM
Benefit: Significantly faster ball speeds across the face, due to strategic shaping of the face thickness. Effectively creates a much larger sweet spot and substantial distance gains on off-centre hits.

NEW Design Feature: Refined head shape
Benefit: Sleek, stealth-like head shape is aerodynamically faster, increasing clubhead speeds and generating extra driving distance. A lower, deeper centre of gravity promotes improved trajectory at higher head speeds.

Design Feature: Fusion Technology
Benefit: The lightweight carbon composite body, light but strong titanium cup face, and lightweight, durable aerospace grade aluminium and alloy skid plate (sole), enables weight to be pushed to the perimeter of the club. This allows for precise positioning of the centre of gravity to increase stability on off-centre hits and generate the straightest drives possible.

NEW Design Feature: Improved Complete Inertial DesignTM
Benefit: The longer body enables a deeper centre of gravity, creating a ?smart’ Moment of Inertia (resistance to twisting at impact), while the stretched face from heel to toe offers a larger effective hitting area, increasing forgiveness on shots hit anywhere on the face.

NEW Design Feature: Visible External Weighting
Benefit: Strategically placed weighting in the extreme rear of the club repositions redundant mass saved from the lightweight body, creating the most performance enhancing weighting possible. Standard lofts have Draw weighting to help golfers minimise fades and slices. Tour lofts will have Neutral weighting for golfers that already have a straight ball flight and want a lower, more penetrating trajectory.

NEW Design Feature: Futuristic design
Benefit: Inspired by the most advanced military and automotive hardware in the world – the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter and Lamborghini Reventón supercar.

NEW Design Feature: Tapered head shape
Benefit: Slightly tapered from face to back, the new look head shape presents a huge, confidence-inspiring face to the ball at address.

NEW Design Feature: Larger visual footprint
Benefit: At address, the new FT-iQ looks larger to promote confidence and encourage a sweeping action away from the ball.

NEW Design Feature: Fubuki shaft by Mitsubishi Rayon
Benefit: This striking, white, super premium shaft has been designed specifically to complement the playing characteristics of the FT-iQ for peak performance.

The FT-iQ Driver and Tour Driver will be on sale across Europe from mid October 2008.

RRP is £379 (£399 Tour model).