We take a look at Apple Watch Series 2 to see what improvements have been made and how it can help golfers

Apple Watch Series 2: What it means for golfers

If you have been thinking about investing in a smart watch for golf, the chances are the Apple Watch Series 2 that works alongside alongside the brand’s iPhone 7 will have come across your radar. The good news is this is the second generation of its smartwatch and it looks set to fix some of the biggest bugbears with the original model.

This perhaps shouldn’t come as any surprise, considering Apple’s track record with first generation devices in the past. Even with its shortcomings, the Apple Watch propelled Apple to becoming the second best-selling watch brand in the world, falling only behind Rolex.

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Here are five reasons why the Apple Watch Series 2 might just be your best golfing companion…

1) The Apple Watch Series 2 now includes a GPS sensor. This means golf apps will be able to provide far richer information such as distance to green without needing to use the GPS in your iPhone. You’ll also be able to get course maps. Staying fit away from the course will see benefits, too. You’ll be able to go for a run and leave your iPhone behind and the Apple Watch Series 2 will use the GPS for better distance and pace tracking. You’ll then get a mapped route at the end of your run. There are dedicated hiking apps that use the GPS, too. All of that cardiovascular exercise will help you on the course.

2) It’s finally waterproof. In fact, it will happily take a dip as deep as 50m, eclipsing many of its smartwatch rivals. So not only will you not have to worry about wearing the Apple Watch Series 2 in the shower, it’ll happily go swimming with you and you don’t need to worry about bad weather on the course either.

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3) Crucially, the display is much, much brighter. It’s twice as bright as the original Apple Watch, in fact. So when you’re out on the fairway under the blazing sun, you won’t be struggling to read the display.

4) There are bold new styles. The Apple Watch Series 2 comes in aluminium and stainless steel finishes as before, but a new ceramic white finish is now available. Keep in mind this is the most expensive model, but Apple says ceramic is actually four times stronger than stainless steel. So if you need a fusion of beauty and strength, this could be the one for you.

There’s also a new Nike+ edition, that has a stretchy, breathable perforated strap and instant access to the Nike+ running app.

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5) It’s more powerful. A new Apple S2 chip is powering everything and Apple promises 50% faster CPU performance as well as better graphics performance. This should help the general performance of the watch while out on the course.

Watch, laser or GPS unit?

If you are in the market, this is a question you’ll need to ask yourself. The advantage of a smart watch is that it is the most mobile and accessible option of the three. You will likely already be wearing it on a day-to-day basis so are less likely to forget to charge it. The distances you need are on your wrist and ready to go whenever called upon. The level of  information is not likely to be as comprehensive as a GPS unit with an overhead view of the hole or as direct as a laser but it should be both easy and fast to use.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will start from £369 and be available to pre-order from September 9 for a September 16 release date.