Raising Awareness For Women's Golf Day 2018

The annual celebration of women's golf is approaching again soon

Women's golf day
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The annual celebration of women's golf is approaching again soon. It is a fantastic opportunity for women to connect through the golf course.

Raising Awareness For Women's Golf Day 2018

In seven weeks time, Women's Golf Day will take to the fairways, ranges and simulators across the world to celebrate and develop women and girls golf.

The annual day, which spans across 46 countries and 700 different locations, is taking place on June 5, 2018.

Since its inception in 2016, the event has encouraged women from professionals to beginners to expand the women's golfing community.

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The success has grown exponentially each year, which suggests that appetite for women to play golf is increasing.

It focuses on providing a community for women's golf, rather than a competition. Women's Golf Day founder, Elise Gaudet said: "It's meant to be light and community base, not so much about competition."

While she was talking to Lauren Thompson at Golf Channel's Morning Drive, Gaudet spoke about the success of the initiative, and has always encouraged participants to bring a friend, commenting, “Women move in packs!"

The mixing of people that have never played golf with those who have was described as a “game changer”.

Elisa Gaudet (R) talking to Lauren Thomson

To check out your nearest club or centre go to: https://womensgolfday.com/location-information.

This year the event comes at a time when gender equality and equal opportunities are really on everyone's agenda, not just in golf, but on a global basis.

Gaudet spoke of the timing and the emergence of Women's Golf Day, saying: "This is super timely, and what we have created is a community. That's what is the power of this, more-so than the golf, but the golf gets people there."

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The founder was keen to continue to break down the golfing barriers, and encouraged women to get on the golf course.

The third year of the event is likely to get more than the 29,000 women and girls who took part in 2017. It is a big step to women and girls being welcomed into the global golfing community.

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