Paul Foston - My Golf Masterclass App Launched

Paul Foston - My Golf Masterclass App

Paul Foston - My Golf Masterclass App has been launched to offer golfers a 'go-to guide and troubleshooter' to help them out on the course

Paul Foston - My Golf Masterclass App Launched!

PGA Advanced Fellow and Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach, Paul Foston has launched a box set of 60, 5-minute golf instruction videos. Designed for players of all levels as a 'go-to guide & troubleshooter', the aim is to equip golfers with all the tools they need to execute every shot they face on the course.

Paul Foston has 40 years experience, has taught over 40,000 lessons and taken five players to European Tour victories and one to Ryder Cup success.

“Golf is a sport that most players take with them throughout their whole life so I cannot stress enough the importance of coaching to get maximum enjoyment and long term success from the game" explained Paul.

"For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than taking the average player to winning competitions and with my Masterclass of golf instruction, I am confident that it will deliver the same results for you.”

Paul Foston Golf Coach

Paul coaches golfers from his impressive teaching facility in Kent

Paul Foston is a regular contributor to Golf Monthly delivering a whole range of simple and effective advice and drills content covering everything from the takeaway in the golf swing to how slices and pulls are linked.


Golf Monthly readers and followers can pick up the Paul Foston - My Golf Masterclass App - '60 videos for the price of a lesson' - for £74.99 until 31st January 2021 (£99.99 afterwards).

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The Paul Foston - My Golf Masterclass App is now available on Google Play and the App Store.