Paul Foston PGA ProfessionalLocation: Smarden, Kent


Price: £75 per hour (£130 for 2)

Biography: Paul turned pro in 1977 and has taken five players to European Tour victories: Paul Way, Peter Mitchell, Jamie Spence, Mark Roe and Craig Parry. He since created the Paul Foston Academy where he coaches his students.

Teaching philosophy: There is nothing more fulfilling than taking the average player to winning competitions. My philosophy is to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses, recognise their learning style – whether it be visual, auditory or kinesthetic – and communicate instruction with a passion and energy that ignites the enthusiasm to learn.

Best tip: “When practising your driving, pick two targets in the distance to mark the edges of an imaginary fairway. This narrows your focus to make your practice far more realistic.”

Paul Foston - My Golf Masterclass App

Paul Foston – My Golf Masterclass App Launched! PGA Advanced Fellow and Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach, Paul Foston has launched a box set of 60, 5-minute golf instruction videos. Designed for players of all levels as a ‘go-to guide & troubleshooter‘, the aim is to equip golfers with all…

What is a one-piece takeaway in golf?

What is a one-piece takeaway in golf? The takeaway is a vitally important move in the golf swing. Get it right and you will set the club working on the right path. Get it wrong and you will need to make compensations later in your swing to hit good shots.…

What is 'coil' in the golf swing?

This video from Andrew Jones looks at what is ‘coil’ in the golf swing? We have also asked Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Paul Foston for his explanation of what it is and how – when you get it right – it helps deliver more power and control. His insight…

what does 'fanning' the golf club mean?

As coaches, we often see players who ‘fan’ the club in the backswing but what does ‘fanning’ the golf club mean? This refers to when the hands become too active in the takeaway, whipping the club away on the inside and usually opening the face. This position here illustrates what…

what is 'connection' in the golf swing

What is ‘connection’ in the golf swing? When golf coaches or commentators refer to connection in the golf swing, what they are talking about is how the flowing motion of the arms works with the rotation of your body. A well-connected golf swing creates effortless power and will deliver the…

what is a stack and tilt golf swing?

What is a stack and tilt golf swing? The ‘Stack and Tilt’ technique was a method that became popular about 10 years ago. It is rarely taught these days but is still referred to in commentary from time-to-time and it’s a technique that is well worth knowing and understanding. I…

what does being laid off mean in golf

What does being laid off mean in golf? This month’s slice of golfing terminology to explain is the phrase ‘laid off’. It is something golf coaches and commentators often say but what does being laid off mean in golf? Well, a laid off position refers to when the club points…

what is casting in the golf swing

What is casting in the golf swing? Casting is a term you often hear coaches and commentators refer to but what exactly does it mean? Well, if you are casting the club, it means you are losing the angle in your wrists too early in the downswing. To understand exactly…

what is dynamic balance in golf

What is dynamic balance in golf? This term, often used by commentators and coaches refers to the way in which you use your weight through the golf swing. As you are looking to make an athletic motion with good body rotation, it makes sense that your balance point will change…

trapped on the inside

This is a fault that good players often suffer with and the evidence can be found in your initial ball flight. Is it starting consistently right of where you want it to? As you attack the ball, the club is ‘trapped inside’ when the butt end of the shaft is…

chipping fault fixer

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Paul Foston brings you a chipping fault fixer to tidy up your short game around the green.

How do you grip a golf club

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Paul Foston has some about perfecting one the most basic fundamentals of the game, the golf grip.


European Tour player Brett Rumford talks through how to play the greenside chip and run shot.


Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Paul Foston has some tips on putting through shadows and how to pick the correct line when the sun is low in the sky.