Kibworth Beauchamp golf club can justifiably claim to be one of the best kept courses in the county of Leicestershire. This is due to the efforts of Greenkeeper Chris Butlin and his dedicated team.

To enhance the course even more, recent work was carried out on the pond at the end of the 16th hole by clearing all the surrounding bush and defining the perimeter. The end result was an attractive feature except for the fact that the pond was infested with algae.

To deal with this, Chris applied 3kg of BioAktiv, a product that is being marketed in the UK by EWI Associates. This is oxygenised calcium which, when mixed with 300 litres of water cleared the algae and the silt a in 6 weeks. The attractive feature was achieved.

Not only does the pond now attract wildlife but golfers who stray to the right when going for the green can, if their retriever is long enough, see and recover their balls.

For further information on BioAktiv, please visit EWI