Golf Monthly Promotion – Play golf in a daily nationwide competition, but don’t leave your own course with Golflutter – we chat to the man behind the concept, David Morgan, about why he came up with the idea and why he thinks it will be popular

David Morgan is a man who likes to follow his dreams, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, during his life he has had many ventures, from being involved in furniture retail to designing a roller coaster. But now at the age of 63 he is taking on the world of golf for his next big venture.

“I am a one man outfit who has been passionate about golf for 40 years. I know what golfers want and I know that golfers love to have a flutter, whether it be for a couple of beers or a couple of quid. We can’t resist it, it is in the DNA of the golfer.”

“But sometimes you get some playing partners who do not want to play for that couple of pounds, and although they are of course utterly entitled to do that, it can mean that some of the fun of golf gets lost."

Golflutter gives individuals the opportunity to have a flutter on themselves and adds a new dimension of interest to the game.

“I found it frustrating for myself when I played golf and was unable to have a little flutter because a member of my fourball wasn’t interested in getting involved.”

“My idea is that golfers can join in with hundreds or potentially thousands of like-minded golfers who may be signed up to play the games on that day.”

David has a dream that for every golfer around the country to be able to connect with each other and be able to bet on themselves to triumph.

David has developed a new mobile app called Golflutter where any golfer who plays a round on any course can place a bet on the outcome of their own game alongside other golfers all over the UK in a daily prize pool. The concept is a simple and one that will excite many a golfer out there.


Before you play your round you sign up to enter either Bet 4, Bet 6 or Bet 9 – the number relates to the number of holes you want to play over. To enter any one of these competitions you simply sign up for a £5 flutter that gets put into the pot. The winners on that day for each event then has the pot split amongst them… so how do you win?


Well the app has each course in the UK mapped out with the holes and hole indexes. The holes are hidden and not revealed until after the player enters his gross scores into the app. The reveal of the hidden holes is exciting and adds a new dimension to amateur golf.

Then all the players who managed to play their own hidden holes one under par or better using their full handicap wins a share of the daily pot.

First time users can play the first round so that they don’t lose – but they can bet on themselves, experience it, enjoy it and come back and play again.

The app can be used by people who are non members who do not have official handicaps because the app can calculate and provide a handicap and will keep a record of the first three rounds that they play and then keep the lowest round of the three as your handicap for the game – with a maximum of 20 handicap.


This app means that you can play a round of 18 holes have a pretty average round but by just playing well on either 4, 6 or 9 hidden holes can mean that you would win a share of the daily pot.

Every player throughout the UK has different hidden holes and all any player has to do is win against their own personal hidden holes, on any day, on any course..

“It’s a bit of fun, adds a bit of spice and excitement and gives a little bit excitement that is currently not in the game. And I think that the game of golf could do with it. I would love it be an everyday part of the golfer’s tool bag.”

The app is one dimensional for amateur golf, the stake is always the same and so it is simple to play; register, login and then Bet on You!

To download the Golflutter app onto your smartphone search for Golflutter in you app store or click on the links below

Android - Download from the Golflutter website

IOS - Download the Golflutter app on your IOS device

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