The Ryder Cup legend was rightly angry at the number of pitch marks at his home club


“Lazy People Repair Your Pitch Marks” – Poulter Goes On Rant

Ian Poulter took to social media to call out golfers who don’t repair their pitch marks.

The Englishman was playing at Lake Nona, his home club, where he filmed a ridiculous number of pitch marks on a putting green.

He then showed another green with a huge number of unrepaired pitch marks too.

The Ryder Cup legend demonstrated how to repair a pitch mark using a tee before calling out the “lazy” golfers who left their marks unrepaired.

“Members and your guests please repair your f€£#%ng pitch marks please. This is criminal,” Poults wrote on an Instagram story video.

“We’ve got one of the purest greens anywhere in Florida, come on guys seriously… pitch marks, pitch marks, pitch marks,” he said whilst filming a horrifying number of indents on the green.

“Lazy people, repair your pitch marks.”

Watch the clips below:

Well said Poults.

There is nothing more infuriating for a golfer than to see a perfect putt knocked off line, especially through no fault of their own.

But it is alarming how many golfers seemingly neglect to repair a pitch mark, don’t know how to repair a pitch mark in the correct way, or perhaps think they are not allowed to because of the Rules of Golf.

The end product of a badly repaired pitch mark is an ugly brown scar left on the green that not only looks awful, but that also affects the roll of yours and other peoples’ putts.

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