The Golf Foundation has outlined several key initiatives to celebrate the growth of golf for girls.

Girls’ Golf To Be Celebrated During Solheim Cup Week

As the 2019 Solheim Cup draws ever closer, it is hosted between the 8th and 15th of September, The Golf Foundation has announced it will be celebrating girls’ golf during the week in an attempt to attract even more people to the game.

For the week the national charity will be highlighting the positive steps taken to grow the game for girls and taking a look at ways that the health and social benefit of the sport can be promoted to more girls.

For example, the charity will stage three events in support of the Cup and Team Europe.

Teeing-off the week of international celebrations around the Gleneagles area, Scotland’s GolfSixes League Final will be held at nearby Muckhart Golf Club on September 8, welcoming 16 teams of boys and girls from across Scotland.

On the same day in England 59 girls will play GolfSixes League together at Elsham Golf Club, visiting from golf clubs in the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire regions.

And finally the third Solheim Cup themed event will take place on September 15, on the final day of the famous match. In this case, teams of girls from Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Middlesex are invited to Golf World Stanstead for a GolfSixes League competition and fun activities including a ‘Mega Putt Challenge’ for all the 50 girls invited.

Stacey Mitchell, who leads on girls’ golf for the Golf Foundation, said: “These three GolfSixes League events will all be particularly special as they take place in a celebratory week for girls’ golf alongside The Solheim Cup. These matches, and our work that we will be promoting throughout the week on social media, serve to highlight how all the activity of the Golf Foundation, from school and community golf to regular play in golf clubs, has a stronger focus on girls than ever before.

“This charity is proactively working to encourage more girls to ‘Start, Learn and Stay’ in golf and love the sport. From offering leadership training to empower more girls as leaders,  to working with our Ambassadors Meghan MacLaren and Felicity Johnson to promote girls’ golf nationally, we want to continue to make a positive difference going forwards. From ensuring that school golf teams, and club GolfSixes League teams, pick girls alongside the boys, and funding PGA Professionals at our junior friendly clubs to coach more girls, to working with Brownies and Guide groups, we are seeking to innovate to build momentum. We also recognise a great deal more needs to be done to grow participation and this week of activity will highlight this.”

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