Five new caps in England under 16s to face Scotland

England will field five players new to international team golf for the annual under-16 clash with Scotland at South Staffs Golf Club on Sunday 5th October

James Burnett

England will field five players new to international team golf for the annual under-16 clash with Scotland at South Staffs Golf Club on Sunday 5th October.

The five are James Burnett from Lincolnshire, Jamie Carney from Warwickshire, Harry Casey from Middlesex, Liam Harper from Kent and Essex-based Jack Heasman.

The rest of the team is Adam Carson, Chris Lloyd and Oscar Sharpe from Gloucestershire, Cumbria s Sebastian Crookall-Nixon and Billy Downing from Cornwall.

Burnett finished runner-up in the Lincolnshire Under 16 Championship last year, tied fifth in this year s McGregor Trophy and was a member of one of England s two triumphant Nations Cup teams in the event.

Carney finished runner-up to Crookhall-Nixon in the McGregor Trophy at High Post in July, while Casey won the Middlesex Boys Championship this year and also carried off the Douglas Johns Trophy.

Harper has been a member of the Kent first and colts teams this year, while Heasman was also a member of a winning team in the McGregor Trophy Nations Cup and tied fifth in the North of England Under 16 Championship.

Carson, Downing and Lloyd played in the corresponding match in Scotland last year while Crookall-Nixon, Lloyd and Sharpe were members of the England under 16 team beaten by Spain at Heswall in August.

Carson won the English Under 16 Championship for the McGregor Trophy last year and lost a playoff for the Douglas Johns Trophy. He also finished runner-up in the South West Boys Championship.

Crookall-Nixon, 15, won the McGregor Trophy this year having finished third in the 2006 English Under 14 Championship and also winning the Cumbria Under 16 title that year.

Downing, the current Cornwall Junior Champion, has been capped at under 16 level for the past two years. The 2003 Reid Trophy runner-up finished third in the South West Boys Championship this year, having won the title in 2007, and was second in the North of England Under 16 Championship.

Lloyd is a former South West Boys Under 16 Champion and North of England Under 16 Champion. This year, he has won the Ernie Els World Junior Championship in South Africa and the North of England Under 16 title and reached the third round of the British Boys Championship.

In 2006, Sharpe simultaneously held the English Under 16, 15 and Under 14 titles, also won the Douglas Johns Trophy and made his international debut in the under 16 match against Scotland. Last year, he stepped up to boys level before joining the Leadbetter College in America where he has met with some success, recently finishing fifth in the Italian Under 16 Championship.

England have generally held the upper hands in these matches but Scotland won for the first time in 2006. However, England won again last year in Scotland.

The full England team is:

James Burnett (Sleaford)

Jamie Carney (Shirley)

Adam Carson (Long Ashton)

Harry Casey (Enfield)

Sebastian Crookall-Nixon (Workington)

Billy Downing (Truro)

Liam Harper (Lydd)

Jack Heasman (West Essex)

Chris Lloyd (The Kendleshire)

Oscar Sharpe (Minchinhampton)

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