6 Ways To Improve The My England Golf App

The My EG app is brilliant, but there are some improvements I'd love to see being made to it...

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I'm a huge fan of the My EG (England Golf) app, having previously written how I've entered every scorecard since August. I'm loving the World Handicap System and how golf has really embraced the modern day with this electronic form of entering scorecards during general play.

I use the My EG app every week and am often checking it throughout the week too to see if my handicap index has updated or to check on what my friends have been up to. And with plenty of use, I've found myself wanting more from what is undoubtedly one of the best golf apps and one of my favourite apps on my phone.

So, here are six ways I'd like to see the MyEG app improved...

1. Stats

Whilst the My EG app stores all of your scores, there's no way for me to find out how many birdies I've made, what my par percentage is or how many putts per round I've had. I also use Arccos Golf so luckily can see this but would love a stats feature to be implemented by England Golf. As an Arccos user, a way of linking the two apps together would also be hugely beneficial and similarly with Shot Scope and other golf shot tracking devices. I'd also love to see my best eclectic score at my home club or which holes I'm yet to birdie etc. And with stats implementation we could then see our friends' stats to check up on how their games shape up compared to ours.

2. What's in the bag?

Another feature I'd like to see if a 'What's in the bag?' section where I could input which clubs I have. I'd also like to be able to see which clubs my friends have. This would be cool to go back and view my 'WITB' for some historic rounds so I can reminisce about what setup I had on that day. 

3. Social sharing

If (hopefully when) I shoot my first ever under par round, I'd love to be able to share it to Twitter and on Whatsapp into our group chat. This is only a minor thing but currently I'd have to do two dodgy screengrabs. It would be great if there was a social share button, perhaps coupled with some stats, that built a custom graphic (think Spotify Wrapped) for you that featured your scorecard as well as a few key numbers from your round. 

4. More imagery

The app is very much just numbers and graphs with very little imagery. It would be great to see each course have at least one or two good images (again something that could be added to a social share graphic) for you to look back on when going through your, or a friend's, scores. Even the option to upload images from your recent rounds would be good and could live within the scorecard section. Currently it's just numbers and a white background. Functional yes, beautiful not yet. 

My EG app screengrabs

It's not the most colourful of apps 

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5. Overseas use

There is surely a good reason for this, that I'm not aware of yet, but the fact that the MyEG app only works in England is slightly frustrating. Due to regular use and entering in my scorecards on a weekly basis, it was annoying when I wasn't able to put a card in at Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus on holiday last year. It is the 'World' Handicap System so surely we should be able to enter scores wherever we play in the world? I believe this is also the case for when using the MyEG app in other UK countries too so not ideal if you're popping over the Welsh/Scottish border for a weekend and want to hand some cards in.

6. Benefits

With your England Golf membership, or iGolf for non-members, you get some benefits and offers. Swipe and tap on the benefits section and all I'm currently enticed with is a 20% discount to a live golf show, golf insurance (very important and a great benefit), a Your Golf Travel discount (ranging from £50-£200 off), 25% off Etiqus watches and a hole-in-one club prize draw.

These are all great and will come in handy for many golfers, especially the insurance and Your Golf Travel discount, but it would be nice to see plenty more discounts. Discounted tickets for professional events, discounted green fees and maybe even discounts at golf retailers would be very welcome. Even discounts for non-golf items - gym membership, a half price coffee, cinema tickets or meal out would be great to see but maybe I am asking a bit too much here.

To sum up, the MyEG app is absolutely brilliant and I can't imagine golf without it now...but it would be fantastic to see the England Golf team give it some upgrades for us die-hard users.

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