Forgan of St. Andrews sign European Tour Veteran David J Russell

Forgan of St. Andrews has announced the signing of another staff player with European Tour Veteran, David J Russell, joining them with immediate effect

D.J. has played the European Tour for over 20 years, competing worldwide in over 500 events to date with three European titles to his name and countless wins at national and regional level. After retiring from the European Tour he was invited to become a member on the board of directors a position he still holds to this date.

In addition to his work with the European Seniors Tour, D.J. is one of two consultants for RAW Golf Course Design, working alongside Ian Woosnam in creating some of the finest golf courses around the globe.

I first heard of Forgan s plans at The Senior Open Championship at Dinner with Woosie and Simon Millington. Having seen the clubs and looked closely into their incredibly accurate online fitting system it was clear that here was an innovative company, steeped with an unbelievable history, that was going to change the way people buy quality golf clubs. At that point I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in. D J Russell.

We are determined to make Forgan the most innovative company in golf. We can t do that without getting expert advice and guidance from the most knowledgeable people in the industry. DJ understands all aspects of the game and will work closely with Ian Woosnam in helping us achieve our goals of producing the finest golf clubs, custom fitted to the players exacting standards. Simon Millington, CEO, Forgan Golf.

DJ has joined former Masters Champion Ian Woosnam as a Forgan Staff player and will represent the company on the European Seniors Tour.

About Forgan of St. Andrews

Forgan of St. Andrews, the world s oldest golf brand established in 1860, very quickly earned itself a reputation for quality and innovation. The next few years saw the company go from strength to strength and it was granted a Royal Seal of Approval when Robert Forgan was appointed official club maker to the Prince of Wales. Forgan clubs from that era are still some of the most collectable clubs in golf.

Now owned by Sports PLC, one of Europe s leading online retailers, Forgan has continued its pioneering approach in the golf industry to become the first manufacturer to offer an online customised golf clubs service from its websites - in the UK and in the USA.

All golf clubs from Forgan are manufactured to the highest quality and specifications, featuring state-of-the-art technology and materials applied throughout the new 2008 line-up. Forgan provides a complete custom fitting service allowing players of all sizes and gender to customise their clubs in a simple to use system to their own exacting standards.

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