Ping G410 Crossover v Titleist U500

Who comes out on top in this battle of utility irons between Ping and Titleist?

Ping G410 Crossover v Titleist U500

Who comes out on top in this battle of utility irons between Ping and Titleist?

Ping G410 Crossover v Titleist U500

In this head-to-head match up, Joel Tadman puts the Ping G410 Crossover up against the U500 from Titleist.

Ping G410 Crossover

Loft: 20° Shaft: Ping Alta CB Red S (76g)

Titleist U500

Loft: 20° Shaft: Project X Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 (90g)

Ping G410 Crossover v Titleist U500

The address view of the Titleist U500 (left) and Ping G410 Crossover

Ping G410 Crossover v Titleist U500


The G410 has a larger club-head to look down on with a thicker top-line and more offset. It’s not quite the players’ profile low-handicappers will prefer, but it will certainly inspire confidence for the game-improver.

Better players will enjoy the minimal offset and thin top-line of the U500, along with the ample meat behind the ball. The lighter satin finish and blade-style design also bolsters the premium appeal.

Ping G410 Crossover - 8/10 Titleist U500 - 9/10

Ball Flight

Off the deck, the Crossover provided a strong, stable ball flight that is high enough to provide an element of stopping power, while also being able to penetrate the wind and produce good distance off the tee.

The U500 more than competed with the Ping in terms of speed and distance, despite the shaft being half an inch shorter. The shaft is also 14g heavier, yet launched the ball fractionally higher for us.

Ping G410 Crossover - 9/10 Titleist U500 - 9/10

Performance Averages

Ping G410 Crossover

  • Ball speed (mph): 140.9
  • Launch (degrees): 11.7
  • Spin (rpm): 3,862
  • Peak height (yards): 30
  • Carry (yards): 222

Titleist U500

  • Ball speed (mph): 141.2
  • Launch (degrees): 12
  • Spin (rpm): 3,792
  • Peak height (yards): 31
  • Carry (yards): 223


The Crossover certainly felt more stable on off-centre hits, partly down to the larger size, and the launch monitor confirmed there was a greater consistency of carry distances across the board from varying strike points.

Strikes severely off centre felt a little harsher on the U500, like the clubhead was twisting more in the hands, resulting in slightly bigger drop-offs in carry distance. Obviously if forgiveness is a priority, Titleist has the U510 as a more user-friendly option.

Ping G410 Crossover - 9/10 Titleist U500 - 8/10


The G410 is easy to strike cleanly from a variety of lies, even when the ball is sitting down in the rough, and provides consistent performance. It did seem a little more difficult to shape the ball.

The U500 was adept at pulling off a variety of shots. It can hit the ball low to battle a head wind but can also flight shots higher into par 5s. The generous sole width with more camber aided turf interaction.

Ping G410 Crossover - 8/10 Titleist U500 - 9/10

Overall Appeal

The profile of the Crossover at address suggests a focus on forgiveness over versatility, but skilled golfers will still able to alter the trajectory at will. It’s an impressive all-round offering that will appeal to many abilities.

Far from a one-dimensional offering, the U500 is ideal for golfers who prefer the look of an iron to a hybrid. There’s also the option of the U510 model for added launch and forgiveness.

Ping G410 Crossover - 9/10

Titleist U500 - 9/10

TOTALS Ping G410 Crossover - 43/50 Titleist U500 - 44/50

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Joel Tadman
Technical Editor

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Joel's current What's In The Bag? 

Driver: Titleist TSR3, 9° 

Fairway wood: Titleist TSR3, 15° 

Hybrid: Titleist TSi2, 18° 

Irons: Ping i230 4-UW

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM8, 54°. Titleist Vokey SM9 60° lob wedge, K Grind

Putter: Evnroll ER2V 

Ball: 2023 Titleist Pro V1x