World of Golf has announced the opening of its platinum lounge at their New Malden facility, which sits on the A3 route into London.

What better way to beat the traffic jams in and out of London than by spending a relaxing hour grooving your golf swing?

World of Golf has taken your average turn-up-and-smash-some-ball-at-the-range to a whole new, professional level.

All 60 bays over two tiers are heated and have the latest mats and automated power tees.

The outfield has six new greens which range from 90-190 yards and feature a new foam that reacts to the ball, giving you instant feedback and letting you know if you have imparted back or top spin.

There is also a putting green to complete your practice regime.
But the cherry on top of this particular cake is the platinum lounge: A coded access area where users have full use of the latest flightscope technology and golf professional advice.

There’s exclusive parking, bay reservation and, for when you want to relax, some big sofas with complimentary hot drinks and TV. In other words, the ideal environment in which to digest your flightscope findings.

For those who simply have to email the office, free wifi is available in the Costa Coffee shop and the American Golf Superstore that are all part of this impressive facility.

World of Golf also offers six free lessons as part of their beginners’ group classes. These provide the perfect opportunity for a family member or partner to take up the game.

While they learn the basics, you can be grooving your swing in one of our bays.
And if all that is not enough, there is an 18-hole dinosaur-themed adventure golf section, perfect for family fun and available for children’s birthday parties.
For more information and to find your nearest World of Golf facility go to