Titleist claims its new Tour Speed ball, with its three-piece construction and urethane cover, is the fastest, best-performing golf ball in its category


Titleist Tour Speed Ball Revealed

Titleist is set to introduce the new Tour Speed golf ball, claiming to be the fastest, best-performing golf ball in its category.

Tour Speed is a three-piece design, delivering a combination of distance in the long game and precise short game scoring control.

It features a new high-speed core formulation, combined with a fast ionomer casing layer, contributing to increased speed and low long game spin for maximum distance.

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Some of this distance also comes from the new 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design that provides penetrating flight with tight dispersion.

It also boasts a proprietary thermoplastic urethane (TPU) cover specifically formulated by R&D chemists, generating greenside spin for short game scoring control with soft feel. A new arrow-based sidestamp design looks to help with alignment in the greens.

Titleist conducted a three-month R&D market test in the United States and Canada with the experimental golf ball EXP•01, a prototype created during the development process for what has now become Tour Speed, as well as a performance study of amateur golfers evaluating Tour Speed prototypes versus a wide range of current Titleist and competitive golf ball models.

“Our golf ball scientists and engineers have gone to extraordinary lengths in the development of Tour Speed – testing numerous core formulations and aerodynamic patterns, while formulating and analysing hundreds of TPU cover blends,” Michael Mahoney, Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing for Titleist, told GM.

“We have made every investment necessary in these new technologies, including a significant expansion of our manufacturing facility and process.”

It looks like the Tour Speed will sit within Titleist’s range under the Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX and above Tour Soft in terms of all-round performance.

The new Titleist Tour Speed is available to purchase from September 11th with an RRP of £40 per dozen.