Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 Putters Revealed

The new Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 putters have been revealed

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The new Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 putters

The new Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 putters have been revealed, with the line including new high MOI Futura mallets and a refined Select mid-mallet

The new Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 putters have been revealed, with the line including seven high MOI Futura mallets and a refined Select mid-mallet.

The 2017 Futura collection takes the best design characteristics of the previous generation GOLO and Futura X lines and adds new innovations.

The result is the Futura 5CB, 5MB, 5W, 5S, 6M, 6M Dual Balance and 7M, with the higher numbers indicating larger head sizes.

You'll find multi-material technology in each, with wrap-around face-sole constructions milled from lighter aluminium that moves weight back and to the perimeter to increase the putters' resistance to twisting during your stroke to increase stability and forgiveness.

A built-in vibration dampening system also connects the face-sole component to the stainless steel frame of each model, producing a more responsive feel and feedback.

New enhanced alignment options will include milled sightlines, dual-purpose alignment and pop-through visuals to boost confidence at address.

Each model is completed with customisable stainless steel sole weights, stepless steel shafts, supple Black Matador Mid-size grips with red and gold accents and a glare-resistant Silver Mist finish, which you can see below.

The 2017 Futura range

The 2017 Scotty Cameron Futura range

The 2017 Futura Models

The Futura 5CB and Futura 5MB are both rounded mid-mallets with single sightlines, with the Futura 5CB a cavity back shape and Futura 5MB a muscle back shape.

The new Futura 5W and Futura 5S improve upon the prior generation Futura X5 and Futura X7M models. The Futura 5W is shaped similarly to the X5, but now has full wrap-around multi-material face-sole technology and wing style alignment aids that frame the ball. The Futura 5S is a more compact version of Futura X7M with a straight shaft set-up inspired by tour feedback.

The Futura 6M enhances the MOI of the original Futura X model and adds a pop-through “bar back” design with deep heel-toe weights for more resistance to twisting at impact.

A new Futura 6M Dual Balance model is also available for players who benefit from counterbalancing. Like all Dual Balance models, it has a 50g heavier head and a 50g counterweight in the grip.

The Futura 7M finally improves upon the Futura X7M with refined shaping of the back wings, including the stainless steel “bar back” that moves weight behind the face for added forgiveness.

The 2017 Select Newport 3

Scotty Cameron has also added a new teardrop-shaped, heel-shafted mid-mallet called the Select Newport 3.

Like last year's Scotty Cameron Select Newport range it has an advanced multi-material construction, with a new lighter aircraft grade aluminium inlay allowing Cameron to distribute weight more efficiently for higher MOI performance. Its ¾” offset neck will also aid players seeking maximum toe flow in their stroke.

Like the 2017 Futura mallets, a built-in vibration dampening system connects the face inlay with the body for a more responsive feel and feedback.

The Select Newport 3 will come with two customisable stainless steel heel-toe weights, a stepless steel shaft and a supple Red Matador Mid-size grip developed to offer the comfort of a larger grip while maintaining feel.

Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 Putters Details

The new Titleist Scotty Cameron 2017 putters will be available in shops from March 17th.

They will all cost £335, apart from the Futura 6M Dual Balance, which will retail at £355.

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