Odyssey Works 2017 putters revealed - new flatstick range features Microhinge technology designed increase topspin to improve the ball's roll on the greens


Odyssey Works 2017 Putters Revealed

As one of the leaders in the putter category, Odyssey has never been afraid to think outside the box when it comes to putter innovation and the new Odyssey Works 2017 putters are testament to this philosophy.

Replacing the previous O-Works range, integral to the new range is the brand’s revolutionary Microhinge insert technology, in which Odyssey claim to have created a new way to roll the ball to help golfers’ ball stay on line more often from different strike locations on the clubface.

Odyssey Works 2017 Putters Revealed 2-ball Microhinge technology increases topspin via an Elastomer insert that is co-moulded with a new stainless steel Microhinge surface with the individual hinges flexing on impact, lifting the ball to produce topspin and ultimately better roll.

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New and improved high contrast Versa Alignment Technology allows your eyes to focus in on the linear designs to highlight the proper face angle from address to impact for alignment throughout the putting stroke. The red highlight lines provides an additional aid to assist alignment to the target, as even being just two degrees out on a six-foot putt is likely to result in a miss.

Odyssey Works 2017 Putters Revealed 2

The O-Works ’17 range includes many of Odyssey’s Tour-proven shapes and regularly work with the best players in the world to develop and tweak the designs to improve performance and enjoyment on the greens. The new O-Works series comes in nine head shapes, four blades and five mallets, plus tank versions in a blade and mallet also.

Tank Counterbalance weighting, available in the #1 blade and #7 mallet, comprising heavier heads and shafts quieten the hands and engage the bigger muscles to deliver more stability at impact and promote a more consistent stroke.

The head shapes available are as follows:
Blades – #1, #1 Wide, #2 and #9
Mallets – #7, R-Line, R-Line CS, V-Line Fang CH and 2-Ball

The O-Works 2017 putter line goes on sale on February 17th with an RRP of £179 (2-ball putter RRP £199).