Clever design in the new Mizuno JPX EZ driver promises the combined benefits of simplified adjustability and high levels of off-centre forgiveness

Up until now, many drivers featuring movable weights have not proved as playable as non-adjustable models in the hands of ordinary club golfers because of the extra weight required to create the track systems and movable weight ports in the sole.

The new JPX EZ 2016 driver from Mizuno, with its striking blue and black sole design, recognises and addresses this issue via a simplified three-weight system that brings more than adequate adjustability while still delivering levels of forgiveness that are right up there with non-adjustable driver models.

Video: watch our 60-second preview of the new Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 driver…

By slotting a 10g weight into one of the three ports in the sole of the head, you can instantly switch shot shape between draw, neutral and fade biases. There is further adjustability available courtesy of the Quick Switch hosel that brings additional scope to really optimise your loft and launch conditions.


A 10g weight can be moved between 3 ports to adjust shot shape

The head also boasts a large ‘footprint’, or sole area, to promote the high-launching, low-spinning flight we’re all after, while the crown’s more rounded design improves playability by allowing the face to flex more, thus generating higher ball speeds and extra forgiveness particularly from mishits high in the clubface.


The whole idea is full adjustability with added forgiveness for all, including those not blessed with the highest of ball speeds or the most consistent of strike patterns, as Mizuno club engineer, Chris Voshall, explains:

“With the JPX EZ, we now have a second adjustable driver option for players with either a little less ball speed or those who want a bit more stability from off-centre strikes. It’s not a case of ability either. Luke Donald felt more secure with the extra forgiveness, and he’s a better driver than most of us!”

Setting the weight in the port towards the toe will promote a fade bias

Setting the weight in the port towards the toe will promote a fade bias

Donald debuted the club at this year’s BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, and the Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 driver, complemented by the new JPX EZ fairway woods and hybrids, will be available at retail from January 2016 with an RRP of £349.