John Letters of Scotland has announced the launch of their new TP Series wedges for 2010.

The newly designed wedges have been produced in a unique way, with tour professionals working alongside the designers to use of all of their golfing experience to create the finest products.

The John Letters TP wedges have been forged from 304 stainless steel to ensure they offer the greatest super-soft feel possible.

The wedges – available in 52, 56 and 60 degrees – are fitted with a Royal Precision Rifle steel shaft, plus a mid-size Lamkin Crossline grip. This will help reduce any unwanted wrist action on shorter pitch shots.

The new TP wedges also possess a dual bounce sole, which allows for a low bounce when the golfer is square to the ball, but produces a high bounce when the face is opened. Hence, the dual bounce sole gives a degree of flexibility around the greens.

The new John Letters products can be bought for £59.99.

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