Hack Golf initiative launched to help grow golf

The global golfing community is being asked to submit its ideas to revitalise golf following the launch of Hack Golf, a new initiative looking at the state of the game.

Formed by a group of industry leaders – including Mark King, CEO of TaylorMade Golf and Ted Bishop, President of the PGA of America – the campaign aims to arrest the current slide in golfer participation, examine its current flaws and attract new people into the sport.

Despite millions of dollars of investment in new schemes, such as ‘Tee it Forward’ and ‘Get Golf Ready’, participation in the sport – at every level – continues to decline.

In the United States, nearly five million golfers have left the game since 2004, with core golfers down almost 24% in the same period.

“This is an industry-wide experiment,” said Bishop. “We don’t have the
answer, but by tapping the collective creativity of the millions of
golfers who love this game as much as we do, we will find the solution.”

TaylorMade adidas Golf has pledged to fund one or more ‘crowd sourced’ ideas, as well as inaugurate a series of tournaments in the USA that will utilise a 15-inch cup.

Over the coming months, golfers will be asked to submit ideas and be given tools to help breed creativity, with the golfing community, golf industry experts, creative thinkers and others used to identify some of the most promising submissions.

Most significantly, as they take shape, Hack Golf will work with the golf industry to fund and prototype prospective game-changing ideas.

If you’re passionate about golf, visit www.hackgolf.org to share your ideas on the game, participate in this pioneering initiative and help make golf more appealing to every sector of society.