GolfBand unveils GolfBand Loop

GolfBand Loop launched by GolfBand to improve your swing's consistency, balance and stability at the range or at home

GolfBand Loop

GolfBand, the revolutionary new training aid company, has unveiled its latest product, the GolfBand Loop.

Using resistance technology, the GolfBand Loop has been designed to improve your swing consistency, balance and stability as well as arm and body connection.

The looped design of the GolfBand Loop has been created to work on the two fundamental areas of the golf swing, your arms and legs.

Resistance technology experts from leisure and fitness have collaborated with PGA Professional Ian Dudman to create the GolfBand products, combining the latest in strength and conditioning with the mechanics of the golf swing.

The GolfBand Loop has an RRP of £9.99 and comes with a fully-illustrated instruction booklet. It is available in two sizes and can be used away from the golf course as well as on the practice range.

Ian Dudman said: "The beauty of GolfBand Loop is its simplicity: it has two main uses for either arms or legs and can be used by golfers of all ages and abilities.

"We developed the Loop to specifically focus on arm and body connection to improve ball-striking and to develop a more solid base, from the feet upwards, for greater swing consistency."

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