Callaway PM Grind 2019 Wedge Revealed

Designed by Mickelson and Cleveland to provide more versatility around the green.

Callaway PM Grind 2019 Wedges

Callaway PM Grind 2019 Wedge Revealed - Designed by Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland to provide more versatility around the green. By Sarah Wilmore

Callaway PM Grind 2019 Wedge Revealed

Co-created by Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland, the Callaway PM Grind 2019 wedge will replace the original Mack Daddy PM Grind.

The PM Grind wedge was custom-built for Mickelson in 2014 with a high toe and large face featuring horizontal and vertical grooves to aid his signature flop shot.

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The PM Grind became universally available in 2015, but Mickelson has worked with Roger Cleveland to ensure the 2019 model makes it easier to hit what he believes are the three essential shots:

1. The Knockdown - a low-flying, high spinning shot.

2. The Hit and Check - a short pitch that bounces twice and stops.

3. The Flop - a high flying, steep-landing, fast-stopping shot.

Callaway PM Grind 2019 Wedges with micro-grooves at 20°

Callaway has developed its Groove-in-Groove technology by machining the micro-grooves into the face at a 20° angle - testing has shown it to increase spin by up to 12 per cent on lob shots compared with the Mack Daddy PM Grind.

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Callaway has also increased the offset of the clubface, which it claims will make it easier to move the ball back in your stance and position your hands ahead of the ball when hitting the knockdown.


The face will also feature a higher toe, with reduced weight on the sole and higher centre of gravity to promote a lower trajectory and providing more space high on the face for flop shots from tall grass.

The new wedges will have a C-grind sole, providing relief at the heel and toe for clean turf interaction.

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“Working with Phil on the PM grind wedges has been a fantastic experience,” said Cleveland.

“His insights are always spot-on, and implementing them to create something innovative like the PM Grind 2019 is incredibly satisfying. This wedge is going to help a lot of players hit shots they couldn’t hit before.”

The Callaway PM Grind 2019 wedges are available from 15th February 2019 with stock shaft of KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 steel, a black Lamkin UTX grip with green highlights and a choice of Platinum Chrome or Tour Grey finish.

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Loft/bounce combinations include: 54°/14°, 56°/14°, 58°/12°, 60°/12° and 64°/10°. All available in right-handed and left-handed. They will have an RRP of £149.

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