Ben Sayers Benny hybrid

What one of Golf Monthly's higher handicappers thinks of the Ben Sayers Benny hybrid

Ben Sayers Benny hybrid

The Ben Sayers Benny hybrid features a specially designed groove configuration to increase spin and control from different types of lie. Weight is placed low and deep in the head for added forgiveness.

What a club! Without doubt one of the biggest game improving sticks that I have ever had the opportunity to pick up and use.

Now I am one of the higher handicappers in the Golf Monthly office (21). I have always found hitting long irons a struggle and therefore found long par 4s and par 5s a bit of a struggle.

However, the Ben Sayers Benny hybrid has changed this with the discovery of a club that I can hit with ease and confidence off the fairways. The hybrid has a decent sized head and is really a 7-wood if anything, but it regularly gives me distances of up to 200 yards off the fairway which is simply outstanding for a player of my experience (and lack of talent).

Off the tee it is also very handy for hitting into long par 3s or tight fairways as I find it offers really magnificent control. (Hitting a club straight and long as a high handicapper is always exciting).

It can be found with 19, 22 or 26-degree loft, so you can see which one offers you the best fit for your missing yardage.

Now if I could just get my short game sorted then I might be dangerous!

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Thomas Patrick Clarke
Sports Digital Editor

Tom Clarke joined Golf Monthly as a sub editor in 2009 being promoted to content editor in 2012 and then senior content editor in 2014, before becoming Sports Digital Editor for the Sport Vertical within Future in 2022. Tom currently looks after all the digital products that Golf Monthly produce including Strategy and Content Planning for the website and social media - Tom also assists the Cycling, Football, Rugby and Marine titles at Future. Tom plays off 16 and lists Augusta National (name drop), Old Head and Le Touessrok as the favourite courses he has played. Tom is an avid viewer of all golf content with a particularly in depth knowledge of the pro tour.