Ping Ketsch precision-milled putter released 

Ping has added the Ping Ketsch putter – which features the brand’s patented variable-depth grooves – to its line-up of precision-milled putters.

The Ping Ketsch putter contains a 17-4 stainless steel sole weight, creating a high moment of inertia and improving forgiveness on the mallet-style aluminium head.

“What really stands out about the Ping Ketsch is the captured look it provides at address, inspiring confidence and promoting a consistent stroke, the key to holing more putts,” said John Solheim, Ping Chairman and CEO.

“It has three white, contrasting alignment aids extending from the top of the matte-black crown, and the centre line runs all the way to the back to make aiming easy.

“Our research shows that the head shape promotes extremely consistent alignment for the majority of golfers.”

Variable-depth grooves – milled into the face – help promote greater consistency across the entire Ketch putter face.

True Roll Technology – with deeper grooves in the centre and shallower grooves towards the perimeter – facilitates an almost-50% ball-speed consistency increase, as compared to a non-grooved face, when measured at nine points across the face.

Golfers can also choose a 35-inch fixed-length shaft or an adjustable-length Ping Ketch version, which can be modified between 31 and 38 inches.

The Ping Ketsch is available in three shaft bends – Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc – to fit differing stroke types.

Ping conducted hundreds of player and robot tests and ascertained that gofers are more consistent with a putter matched to their particular stroke type.

The RRPs of the Ping Ketsch putter are as follows:

Ping Ketsch Adjustable – £199
Ping Ketsch Counter-Balanced Adjustable – £224
Ping Ketsch Fixed – £175
Ping Ketsch Counter-Balanced Fixed – £200