John Letters, the Scottish equipment brand with 94 years of clubmaking history, is enjoying its most successful period on tour since the 1970s.

John Letters and its Master Model products have enjoyed a breakthrough year, with new staff members such as Paul Wesselingh, a resurgent Sam Torrance and Phillip Archer excelling on the European Challenge Tour.

A new state-of-the-art John Letters Tour truck has just completed a four-week run of events, with its team of technicians serving professionals at Turnberry’s Senior Open Championship, The Scottish Seniors, the Speedy Services Wales Senior Open and the Travis Perkins Senior Masters.

Torrance and Andrew Sherbourne both finished in the top ten last week at Woburn, where John Letters had more than 135 products in play.

What’s more, many golfing greats have turned to John Letters Master Model products in recent weeks, including Antonia Garrido, Eamonn Darcy, Constintino Rocca, Juan Quiros and Constintino Rocca.

Master Models were first made famous by former staff player Fred Daly, who won the 1947 Open Championship, and helped a host of tour players record 13 Open Championship victories in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Following a 30 year absence, the brand relaunched with great success in 2011, and a new range of Master Model blades, fairway woods and grind wedges are set to continue the legacy in 2012.

“There are not may brands that have stepped up their tour activities in 2012, like we have,” said John Andrew, John Letters’ Managing Director.

“We continue to produce equipment the players want to play and, more importantly, make available the services usually reserved for tour players to players of all levels and abilities.”

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