Key technology

Callaway‘s aim was to create the biggest difference possible between spin created off the driver and the amount of spin on short approach shots. This was attained thanks to an extremely soft inner core that reduces spin off the tee for more distance and a high compression outer core that creates higher spin closer to the green to improve control on wedge shots.

Will suit: players after a 
high-spinning ball that will last.

GM verdict:

The HEX Black Tour produced very impressive spin on both approach shots and when chipping from around the green. Equally impressive was the fact that they didn’t cut up nearly half as much as some premium offerings do on full wedge shots with relatively new grooves. 
One ball lasted a full round with very few signs of wear and tear. The distance on offer from the tee was very competitive with other premium offerings and concerns about it spinning 
too much with the longer 
clubs were unfounded.
 Surprisingly, given the amount of spin on offer, the ball didn’t feel as soft as old Callaway offerings off the putter face. But many would prefer the ball lasted longer rather than feeling soft.

PGA pro verdict:

Callaway’s Hex Black Tour balls provide excellent spin around the greens but without the loss of any distance off the tee, which is sometimes the case with soft balls. Durability was excellent and after testing on both the course and range they were still in good condition. I played in windy conditions with them and shots of the tee weren’t affected too much. These are an excellent addition to the premium ball market and I would highly recommend them.  

Test team rating:

Performance ★★★★★
Visual appeal ★★★★★
Innovation ★★★★
Value ★★★★
Overall ★★★★